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Southern California Ports Push Towards Zero Emission Trucks

Los Angeles and Long Beach ports continue to push their Clean Air Action Plan to sharply reduce air pollution by trucks.

The San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan was enacted by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in 2006 to significantly reduce health risks posed by air pollution from ships, trains, terminal equipment, harbor craft and trucks. Cargo owners will have to bear the cost of the program.

Clear Trucks Program – Moving away from Diesel

The Clean Trucks Program introduced by the ports several years ago was reported to have reduced diesel particulate matter since 2005 by almost 90%. The ultimate goal of the Clear Trucks Program is to achieve Near Zero, and Zero Emission (ZE) of all drayage trucks by 2035, which means moving away from diesel trucks.

Beneficial Cargo Owners are Expected to Shoulder Cost

The ports’ Harbor Commissions are pretty much in agreement with truckers that the cost of achieving Near Zero or Zero Emissions must be borne by all Beneficial Cargo Owners. Potential Clean Truck rates under discussion are $ 10 per loaded TEU or $ 20 per loaded FEU (Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit) – with full rebates if containers are hauled by a ZE or Low-NOx trucks.

Clean Truck Funds Used to Buy Zero Emission Trucks

Sometime later this year a Clean Truck Fund (CTF) will be established and will charge Beneficial Cargo Owners a CTF rate for loaded containers which enter or exit the ports’ terminals. CTF rate revenues will be available to licensed motor carriers (LMC’s) and truck owners for purchasing Near Zero Emission trucks, or trucks with Zero Emissions, or Low NOx technology, that are used in port drayage.